Sunday, January 10, 2016

Project 365, Days 351-357

351:365 Welcome home, Andrew! His parents and sister embrace him as he comes off the plane after serving a 2-year mission down in Mexico.

352:365 Ryan's great grandma Partridge passed away after being bed-ridden for a couple of years. She was an amazing artist (she painted that image of Rainbow Bridge!) and I wish that I had known her better.

353:365 We got to see the new Star Wars movie in a theatre that has what looks like a giant lightsaber shooting out of the top!

354:365 Presents under the tree <3

355:365 Went and got scones as is tradition this time of year. They are as big as ever before.

356:365 Nothing like watching Charlie Brown Christmas while I wrap presents and get prepared for the Christmas season.

357:365 Another tradition that we partake in every year is going to the Hale Theater in Orem and seeing A Christmas Carol. It's always a fun time! Here is the artwork they have on their walls representing the three spirits that visit Scrooge.

Just one more week and I'm done with my Project 365. I've been meaning to blog about my upcoming New Years Resolutions for 2016 and talk about the things I'm excited about doing this year (alas, no Project 365 this time. Too much work.). So that should be coming.

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