Sunday, January 3, 2016

Project 365, Days 344-350

344:365 We decorated our door frame for Christmas. Lights always make things seem more magical!

345:365 When Christmas comes along, so does the annual watching of our favorite Christmas movies. Elf is a must-watch each year.

346:365 I finished my cowl! I'm in love with it :)

347:365 This is one of my favorite Nativity scenes at Ryan's parents house. They got it while they were in Jerusalem. It's made of wood from a native olive tree. So cool!

348:365 This creepy Santa ornament has haunted our Christmas tree since I've been married to Ryan. He got it from a member of the church when he was serving a mission in South Carolina so it has sentimental value, not to mention Ryan finds it hilarious how creeped out I am by it.

349:365 There's something so serene about snow falling at night.

350:365 At my company's Holiday party, this little girl's raffle ticket was called to receive a reward. She is the daughter of one of the employees and is absolutely darling. Craig, the general manager of the company, is just as adorable especially as he interacts with this sweet little girl.

Although at the present time I'm finished with my Project 365, I will post the last couple of blogs in the coming days. And I'm working on my next annual project which is to do weekly photo shoots that hopefully push me as a budding amateur photographer.

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Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

I love the door, the cowell, AND the Santa ornament. He's cute.