Sunday, October 18, 2015

Project 365, Days 281-287

281:365 BYU Homecoming means that the Y is lit and shining for all to see!

282:365 Homemade mini pizzas for our date night in.

283:365 Getting into the Halloween spirit with this fun banner I bought from a local artisan market.

284:365 Autumn colors are finally manifesting themselves down in the valley. It's been a long time coming but has been worth the wait!

285:365 I've had this yarn for a couple of weeks and have only recently decided to turn it into a beanie. So excited to see it come together!

286:365 Hello, my name is Kirsten and I'm a scarf-aholic. 

287:365 Birds on a wire. I wonder what they chatter about...

Can you believe I'm nearing the 300th day?! The end is near and I can taste it :)

1 comment:

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Ah, the "Y" all lit up. So pretty