Sunday, October 11, 2015

Project 365, Days 274-280

274:365 Some nights you just have to eat a delicious burrito from Emanuel's.

275:365 Went to the movies for our date night. Gotta love movie nights!

276:365 Went on my first run in a long time. I'm hoping my feet don't betray me and I'm able to hit all of my goals that I set for myself more than a year ago.

277:365 Conference weekend is always such a spiritually edifying experience. I don't know when I shifted from dreading conference as a kid to anxiously awaiting it as an adult but boy am I glad I've learned to love it as much as I do today.

278:365 Such a tiny little cupcake packed with delicious flavor! (salted caramel for those curious)

279:365 Breadsticks are one of my favorite things I enjoy making from scratch mostly because I feel awesome that I can actually make them from scratch. And they taste delicious!

280:365 Came home to an unexpected package from my sister that contained a rather late (or maybe we could call it extremely early) birthday present! Needless to say I LOVED getting a random package in the mail and don't mind at all that it's 8-9 months late :)

This week I think is the first one where I've seriously been struggling with this project. I'm feeling my motivation dying a bit each day and I'm very much on the fence if I want to continue doing this next year. If I had to decide right now, I'd say no. But maybe these feelings of frustration and lack motivation will leave and I'll come back around to the idea of doing this next year. We'll see. But for sure this week I was so over it.

On to the next, I guess.


Julina said...

The great news about this project is that you are in charge. Once you've proven you can do it (which I believe you can - you're too close to quit now), you can scale back if you desire. "Project Saturday", for example, or more randomly, "Project 104-156" (2-3 days a week). Even take the next year off and just do it on odd years.

Or just let this project make you more aware of everyday moments to capture and take pictures whenever the heck you feel like it. :)

The world is yours, and it can be as small as well as as big as you'd like it to be!

Meanwhile, thanks for sharing your life this way this year...

Love ya, sis...

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

I, too, have enjoyed all your photos. Particularly the CUTE running shoes.