Sunday, October 4, 2015

Project 365, Days 267-273

267:365 Happy birthday to Ryan! We had a modest morning celebration since that evening he had a school/work function to attend.

268:365 This new Animal Crossing game came out the previous night and it's been my newest gaming addiction ever since.

269:365 Finally having a proper evening Birthday celebration. I made him Japanese fried chicken (thanks Julina, for the recipe!) and rice, fresh cut pineapple and green beans. The cake was a red velvet cake I bought from the store and it was quite delicious!

270:365 Making good progress on my knitting project! It took a bit to get to this point (a few failures and minor tantrums) but I'm so happy that I stuck with it :)

271:365 My orchid has been shedding its flowers recently but only on one of its branches. This is the last flower standing (growing?) on this branch and you can tell its a fighter! Look at them teefs!

272:365 Ryan and I ran some errands in the evening and came across a new cookie bakery that we HAD to try! Ryan got the toasted coconut cookie on the bottom and like a true chocoholic I got the chocolate nutella cookie on top. P.S. they were delicious.

273:365 Remember that Animal Crossing game from a couple pictures ago? These here are called Amiibo cards and they are for the game. I came home from work to find these waiting for me. Ryan walked all the way to the nearest Game Stop store (at the mall) just to surprise me with them! He's such a great guy <3

For what it's worth, this week is week 40. If my project were a human embryo, it would be reaching full gestation soon ha! Also, 12 more weeks of this project, I can't believe I'm almost there!

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