Sunday, October 25, 2015

Project 365, Days 288-294

288:365 Finally finished my gloves! They look so good if I do say so myself :)

289:365 Sometimes you can't help taking sunset pictures no matter how cliché they are nowadays.

290:365  More and more each day these autumn colors keep getting brighter and more vivid. I absolutely love it!

291:365 Late night pumpkin bakes. Yum!

292:365 While the trees change color year round, our company remains ForeverGreen ha!

293:365 This is our second time going to Jaker's pumpkin patch. Maybe this will become an annual thing! We certainly love it.

294:365 The clouds in front of the morning sun were so amazing this morning. Utah can be really impressive sometimes!

So close to 300 days! I need to get back to regularly blogging...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Project 365, Days 281-287

281:365 BYU Homecoming means that the Y is lit and shining for all to see!

282:365 Homemade mini pizzas for our date night in.

283:365 Getting into the Halloween spirit with this fun banner I bought from a local artisan market.

284:365 Autumn colors are finally manifesting themselves down in the valley. It's been a long time coming but has been worth the wait!

285:365 I've had this yarn for a couple of weeks and have only recently decided to turn it into a beanie. So excited to see it come together!

286:365 Hello, my name is Kirsten and I'm a scarf-aholic. 

287:365 Birds on a wire. I wonder what they chatter about...

Can you believe I'm nearing the 300th day?! The end is near and I can taste it :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Project 365, Days 274-280

274:365 Some nights you just have to eat a delicious burrito from Emanuel's.

275:365 Went to the movies for our date night. Gotta love movie nights!

276:365 Went on my first run in a long time. I'm hoping my feet don't betray me and I'm able to hit all of my goals that I set for myself more than a year ago.

277:365 Conference weekend is always such a spiritually edifying experience. I don't know when I shifted from dreading conference as a kid to anxiously awaiting it as an adult but boy am I glad I've learned to love it as much as I do today.

278:365 Such a tiny little cupcake packed with delicious flavor! (salted caramel for those curious)

279:365 Breadsticks are one of my favorite things I enjoy making from scratch mostly because I feel awesome that I can actually make them from scratch. And they taste delicious!

280:365 Came home to an unexpected package from my sister that contained a rather late (or maybe we could call it extremely early) birthday present! Needless to say I LOVED getting a random package in the mail and don't mind at all that it's 8-9 months late :)

This week I think is the first one where I've seriously been struggling with this project. I'm feeling my motivation dying a bit each day and I'm very much on the fence if I want to continue doing this next year. If I had to decide right now, I'd say no. But maybe these feelings of frustration and lack motivation will leave and I'll come back around to the idea of doing this next year. We'll see. But for sure this week I was so over it.

On to the next, I guess.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Project 365, Days 267-273

267:365 Happy birthday to Ryan! We had a modest morning celebration since that evening he had a school/work function to attend.

268:365 This new Animal Crossing game came out the previous night and it's been my newest gaming addiction ever since.

269:365 Finally having a proper evening Birthday celebration. I made him Japanese fried chicken (thanks Julina, for the recipe!) and rice, fresh cut pineapple and green beans. The cake was a red velvet cake I bought from the store and it was quite delicious!

270:365 Making good progress on my knitting project! It took a bit to get to this point (a few failures and minor tantrums) but I'm so happy that I stuck with it :)

271:365 My orchid has been shedding its flowers recently but only on one of its branches. This is the last flower standing (growing?) on this branch and you can tell its a fighter! Look at them teefs!

272:365 Ryan and I ran some errands in the evening and came across a new cookie bakery that we HAD to try! Ryan got the toasted coconut cookie on the bottom and like a true chocoholic I got the chocolate nutella cookie on top. P.S. they were delicious.

273:365 Remember that Animal Crossing game from a couple pictures ago? These here are called Amiibo cards and they are for the game. I came home from work to find these waiting for me. Ryan walked all the way to the nearest Game Stop store (at the mall) just to surprise me with them! He's such a great guy <3

For what it's worth, this week is week 40. If my project were a human embryo, it would be reaching full gestation soon ha! Also, 12 more weeks of this project, I can't believe I'm almost there!