Sunday, September 20, 2015

Project 365, Days 253-259

253:365 Peaches! It's the tail end of peach season and they were on sale so I had to buy some and make peach cobbler, of course!

254:365 I got this lovely brooch in Missouri during my trip there to attend the True/False film festival. It was made by a local artist and it makes me happy every time I wear it.

255:365 What a majestic fox! I love how much urban art there is in Salt Lake City.

256:365 Sunday night is game night :)

257:365 Three of my favorite things in one mug: raspberry herbal tea, Star Wars and hedgehogs!

258:365 I had a tiny companion on my car when I was headed home from work. Such a sweet little ladybug!

259:365 I love when there's mist on the mountains. 

Fall is almost here in full swing so be expecting WAY more autumn pictures since I can never get enough of autumn colors on trees. If you are morally opposed to autumn, then avoid this blog for the next little while haha!


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

mmmmm - peaches. Maybe some year our three trees will decide to produce some! That fox IS impressive. As is the clouds on the mountain photo you took.

Julina said...

Love LOVE the mist on the mountain. I'm a little biased toward nature photography, I suppose. But I do also enjoy you capturing the smaller details as well. (the 3 things in one cup is adorable!)

Well done with this project so far and please, keep 'em coming!

Julina said...

Also, NO WAY am I morally opposed to autumn... so I am eagerly anticipating the next several rounds of "project 365" blogs!