Sunday, September 13, 2015

Project 365, Days 246-252

242:365 It's always fun finding natural, organic life living amongst cold, manmade objects. As Dr. Ian Malcolm of Jurassic Park fame would say, "Life, uh, finds a way." 

247:365 Almost every year since I've been married, Ryan's family has attended the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and it's one of my favorite traditions I look forward to every Labor Day weekend. Nothing but beautiful almost-Autumn weather, amazing storytellers and good laughs when we attend :)

248:365 We hike up to Lake Blanche with Ryan's family and although it was a chilly, breezy day the view was amazing and it felt great to get to the top!

249:365 Doing some swatches of different stitches, practicing ones that I'll be using for a couple of projects I'll be starting soon.

250:365 Labor Day is widely regarded as the last real summer weekend so what better way to celebrate the "end" of summer than with a s'more?

251:365 This is my first time purposefully propagating a succulent and I'm happy to say it's going pretty well! Look at those little pink roots <3

252:365 Finished my latest cross-stitching project! I messed a bit of it up but I'm pleased with the outcome.

Another week down. I lied last week about posting blogs about anniversary pictures and Hawaii but I PROMISE this week it will happen.

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