Sunday, September 6, 2015

Project 365, Days 239-245

239:365 Starting boot-wearing season a bit early. But I can't help it, I'm so excited for autumn!

240:365 Caught the moon rising over Rock Canyon.

241:365 Ryan and I finally made it up to Squaw Peak. This picture captures both the beauty that exists along the way but also the immense exhaustion and difficulty that comes with hiking up to the summit and back down via river bed. I'm glad we did it but will we do it again in the near future? Probably not.

242:365 A stormy evening sky with a hint of a rainbow. Utah sure knows how to put on a great display!

243:365 Our YSA Stake had an ice cream social. Obviously the promise of free BYU Creamery ice cream brings out massive crowds!

244:365 I spy with my little eye a red Pikmin! (For those unaware, Pikmin is a video game that features these little creatures called pikmin. It's quite an adorable little game!)

245:365 I indulged in a childhood activity by making clover accessories. 

Well, another week down! I'm hoping to blog a couple times this coming week about Hawaii as well as our small anniversary photo shoot. So be looking forward to those!


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

That Pikmin looks like it was spray painted by a stencil??? That is pretty sophisticated graffiti.

I never imagined your Squaw Peak hike would be in woods. I just envisioned rocks and sand and maybe a cactus or two....

That storm photo is really cool.

Ah, boots. Cute.

Julina said...

Again I say that moonrise is amazing, especially since I don't see too many moonrise pics - usually the sun steals all the glory ;) And I agree re: the storm photo, too.

I think I already commented via twitter re: the clover chain, but I love that you indulged (and remind me to indulge, as well - not sure where to find a field of clover, though...)

But I'm pretty sure your activity wasn't Y_S_A, since y'all aren't single? More like "YMA"?

Anyway - good job on keeping up and keep em comin

Love ya, sis ;)