Sunday, July 12, 2015

Project 365, Days 176-182

176:365 This was the day we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie. Little did I know that the "grass skirt hip-shaking" hula-like dance originated in Tahiti, not Hawaii. Here are some ladies performing the traditional Tahitian dance.

177:365 Had a nice date night in Waikiki and of course we had to stop by the Apple store and play with the Apple Watches there.

178:365 Got up early to hike Diamond Head and although the view was gorgeous and our faces were smiling, we had a miserable time of it. Three words: TOO. MANY. STAIRS. Ugh. 

179:365 Took a short day-trip to Kailua beach (or at least tried to go) but it was super busy there and so we didn't stay long. But we were told to stop by this market by my sister and so we did and got some goodies for our trip back.

180:365 Had an amazing last day in Hawaii and saw some stellar views. I want to go back some day, that's for sure!

181:365 After a long night of traveling, we got back to Provo safely and although we loved our time in Hawaii it was nice to be back to familiarity and our routine.

182:365 That doesn't mean that we won't be eating as much pineapple on the mainland as we did on the islands. We are still as pineapple-obsessed as before ha!

I meant to catch us up by today but this past week was a hectic one at work. Now things have slowed down and I think the official catch-up will happen this week for sure!