Sunday, July 5, 2015

Project 365, Day 155-161

Hey everyone! Sorry for falling SO FAR BEHIND on blogging my photo project. I've been keeping up with taking the pictures but June was a crazy month of traveling and having adventures and as I like to say "real life before the internet". But I'll be using this week to try and get back on track. Plus blogging about our trip to Hawaii since there are a ton of pictures from that vacation that I didn't share on social media.

So here we go! All the way back to the beginning of June.

155:365 A small wasp was clinging to my door, too cold to do much of anything. I hope that the fact that I let it live means it won't come back and swarm me with its buddies.

156:365 Morning bike work-outs are really good for the soul. 

157:365 It's Farmer's Market season! I love the small one Provo has all summer/autumn long :)

158:365 Grandma Durtschi's shelf is full of fun trinkets and decor. 

159:365 Food truck for dinner!

160:365 Chocolate raspberry truffle soda at one of our favorite restaurants. So yummy and very refreshing!

161:365 I spy with my little eye...This was spotted at the Thanksgiving Point gardens and it was so perfectly serene and beautiful and I'm so glad I got to spot it :)

Alright, first post of catch-up week is done! Be prepared for the over-saturation of blog posts the remainder of this week!

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Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

What a lovely photo of the nest. I wish I could get to know your grandma better. Oh, the rose photo in the next blog is amazing.