Sunday, June 7, 2015

Project 365: Days 149-154

149:365 Roses are in full bloom around here. Absolutely gorgeous!

150:365 Starting to get into pressing flowers/plants and felt that it was appropriate to press this one on this page in honor of L Tom Perry's passing.

151:365 Came home from my work trip to a new Bose bluetooth speaker! Ryan got it to replace our old one and boy do we love it.

152:365 Getting some personal projects done in the evenings.

153:365 Left home without my big camera so had to snap this with my phone. We went up to South Fork Park for a church bonfire and it was a great night for it.

154:365 I love these helicopter seeds. Can't wait until they dry out a bit so I can let them fly!

Well, June is here and it will be a busy month from here on out. I'll hopefully capture most pictures on my big camera but don't be surprised if a few phone pics are thrown in there. So excited for summer!