Sunday, May 17, 2015

Project 365, Days 127-133

127:365 A rain-splattered iris I spotted while on a walk with Ryan. I love the smell of these flowers, they remind me of fruit loops ha!

128:365 While out on date night at Winger's, I caved in and bought my own bottle of their amazing sauce. Yum!

129:365 Ryan's family got to Skype with his brother Andrew (he's down in Mexico serving a church mission). I snapped this pic while he was looking particularly contemplative.

130:365 This picture of my mom and me sits on my nightstand and felt it appropriate to take a picture of this picture for Mother's day.

131:365 Working on a new cross-stitching project (as of the posting of this blog, I'm 90% finished!)

132:365 Delicious sliced-up strawberries for our chocolate chip pancake breakfast for dinner meal.

133:365 This little succulent has been a work in progress for a long time so it tickles me to see new growth in the center of it. I think from now on it'll keep improving :)

Starting with the last picture and continuing into the next week, I am trying to take pictures using my 50mm lens only which means it'll mostly be macro photography. I got into the habit of using my 20mm lens for most everything and am now challenging myself to use my completely manual lens.

Then I'm thinking the next week after that will be my iPhone only week since I will be in Las Vegas at a work convention and will be severely limited in my time to do anything outside of work. It's a crazy time in my life so I'm looking forward to when things finally slow down.


Emily S. said...

So much yes this week! Irises DO smell like fruit loops! Nailed it!!

Wingers. I WANT.

Cross stitch winning.

Love you!!! Miss you!! <3

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

your succulent is SO cute! and I love iris, too. Ours are just about done. One brown/tan one has been holding out with blooms still.