Sunday, April 19, 2015

Project 365, Days 99-105

99:365 Went in to get my brakes checked (they were making a weird sound after getting my oil changed a couple days before) and came out of the place with 4 new tires, 2 new rear rotors and brake pads. Unexpected car expenses are the worst! But lets hope nothing else is needed for a long time.

100:365 I'm a little sad that a better picture isn't representing day 100. Oh well. Ryan and I did some shopping for date night and I ran across this fun lunch box and it fits a lot of my needs when looking for lunch boxes. And it's cute :D

101:365 The willow trees are leafy again and looking stunning!

102:365 We wore our Easter clothing a week late because of General Conference. So here is Ryan tying up his spiffy new tie.

103:365 We played a few rounds of Mancala for our FHE after Ryan prepared a nice little lesson. Here is another example of how Ryan's hands act out when being photographed. The above picture is a rare moment when his hands are docile for a picture, ha!

104:365 The weather has been crazy, lately. Here it is snowing massive snowflakes after experiencing crazy 30-40 mph winds and dust storms. The picture is a bit blurry because it was still very windy during the snow.

105:365 I got some fun mugs in the mail! Hedgehogs because I love them so much, and a fun Avatar: The Last Airbender mug referencing what Zuko calls tea and the tea shop him and Uncle Iroh own for a short time.

I'm officially in the triple digits, people! So exciting! I can't believe I've kept up with it so far. Now that I've got the habit down, it's time to really start stretching my creative muscles and actually go out of my way to find subjects to photograph and get out of my comfort zone. Maybe. You might not actually see that until day 200, but I'll promise to try right now :)

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Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

What a cute lunch box! And a VERY nice tie.