Sunday, April 26, 2015

Project 365, Days 106-112

106:365 I love all my little succulents. This one and a few others were recently re-potted and before the re-potting it was a little limp so I'm pleased to see it thriving!

107:365 Our apartment walkway at sunset.

108:365 Ryan and I went out to a local park with a quilt and some light reading to enjoy the Spring weather we're experiencing. Lovely day!

109:365 Went to our favorite duck pond and trail along the Provo River for a leisurely Sunday walk.

110:365 I got some fun mail from Japan. It's not everyday that you see Japanese characters on your mail :)

111:365 My shoes are a great representation of my daily life and personality. I'm all about comfort and but stylish at the same time.

112:365 We had a BBQ at a local park with our church group and the tree next to our pavilion was lit so nicely by the setting sun that I had to get a picture. And it was a perfect picture to celebrate Earth Day.

Another week, gone. Time keeps flying by. Work has got me busy most hours of the day so I'm thinking that soon I'll be doing an iPhone-only week to make it a bit more challenging to get good pictures while also making it a bit easier to take pictures without whipping out the big camera.

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