Sunday, April 26, 2015

Project 365, Days 106-112

106:365 I love all my little succulents. This one and a few others were recently re-potted and before the re-potting it was a little limp so I'm pleased to see it thriving!

107:365 Our apartment walkway at sunset.

108:365 Ryan and I went out to a local park with a quilt and some light reading to enjoy the Spring weather we're experiencing. Lovely day!

109:365 Went to our favorite duck pond and trail along the Provo River for a leisurely Sunday walk.

110:365 I got some fun mail from Japan. It's not everyday that you see Japanese characters on your mail :)

111:365 My shoes are a great representation of my daily life and personality. I'm all about comfort and but stylish at the same time.

112:365 We had a BBQ at a local park with our church group and the tree next to our pavilion was lit so nicely by the setting sun that I had to get a picture. And it was a perfect picture to celebrate Earth Day.

Another week, gone. Time keeps flying by. Work has got me busy most hours of the day so I'm thinking that soon I'll be doing an iPhone-only week to make it a bit more challenging to get good pictures while also making it a bit easier to take pictures without whipping out the big camera.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Project 365, Days 99-105

99:365 Went in to get my brakes checked (they were making a weird sound after getting my oil changed a couple days before) and came out of the place with 4 new tires, 2 new rear rotors and brake pads. Unexpected car expenses are the worst! But lets hope nothing else is needed for a long time.

100:365 I'm a little sad that a better picture isn't representing day 100. Oh well. Ryan and I did some shopping for date night and I ran across this fun lunch box and it fits a lot of my needs when looking for lunch boxes. And it's cute :D

101:365 The willow trees are leafy again and looking stunning!

102:365 We wore our Easter clothing a week late because of General Conference. So here is Ryan tying up his spiffy new tie.

103:365 We played a few rounds of Mancala for our FHE after Ryan prepared a nice little lesson. Here is another example of how Ryan's hands act out when being photographed. The above picture is a rare moment when his hands are docile for a picture, ha!

104:365 The weather has been crazy, lately. Here it is snowing massive snowflakes after experiencing crazy 30-40 mph winds and dust storms. The picture is a bit blurry because it was still very windy during the snow.

105:365 I got some fun mugs in the mail! Hedgehogs because I love them so much, and a fun Avatar: The Last Airbender mug referencing what Zuko calls tea and the tea shop him and Uncle Iroh own for a short time.

I'm officially in the triple digits, people! So exciting! I can't believe I've kept up with it so far. Now that I've got the habit down, it's time to really start stretching my creative muscles and actually go out of my way to find subjects to photograph and get out of my comfort zone. Maybe. You might not actually see that until day 200, but I'll promise to try right now :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Project 365, Days 92-98

92:365 About time I treated myself to a pedicure, courtesy of Jamberry and Cult nail polish.

93:365 Annual Easter egg dyeing for our date night :)

 94:365 General Conference weekend means spending the weekend with Ryan's family and eating lots of snacks!

95:365 Easter! And the "Easter Bunny" did good getting treats for us ;) (hint: I'm the Easter Bunny)

96:365 I finished my first cross-stitching project in a long time and I think it turned out great.

97:365 Super Smash Bros with my hubby is a favorite pastime of mine.

98:365 We are trying to attend the temple at least once a month and so far we're 4/4!

One more week completed! I'm just a couple days away from 100! Triple digits, baby :)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Five for Friday: Watches Edition!

Okay, I'm going to dabble into fashion blog for a brief moment. Not that I have much in the way of a fashion sense, but I felt today was an appropriate day to talk about it.

Today is the first day Apple fans/addicts can order the much-anticipated Apple Watch. So in honor of that (and because deep down I, too, want the watch), I am going to share some watches that I've been eyeing at some of my favorite stores. Since I bought my current watch in December, I've fallen in love with watches and how they're able to dress up any outfit without trying too hard.

Here is my current watch! Ignore my pasty, freckled arm, ha!

#1: Fly Girl Watch from Charming Charlie's

I love the color, the butterflies, and just how versatile the watch can be while also being it's stand-alone accessory. I need it!

#2: Olivia Burton Undisputed Class Watch in Rose Gold/Black via Modcloth

At some point I should own something a little more classy. A black leather banded watch is the way I'd probably go since metal watches get cold and they almost always in the past have snagged my little arm hairs, yeeowch! I love the rose gold paired with the black as well, feminine but also so sleek.

#3: Meller Leaf Watch from Francesca's

I just love the pattern on the watch face! So dreamy!

Okay, confession: if I could, I would link EVERY SINGLE WATCH from Francesca's. Seriously, every watch is super cute and super affordable. Another confession: my current watch is from Francesca's. I can't get enough of Francesca's accessories (I own 3-4 of their bags as well). This one is so fresh and pretty!

#5: Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch from Garmin

Okay, so I don't think I'd wear this all the time if I got it, but being a sort-of runner (still getting back into the swing of things since my foot injury) I think having a GPS watch is super useful. And this one has some of the best reviews of the ones out there currently. It's been on my Amazon wish list for a LONG time too. Someday, maybe.

As for the Apple Watch? I have to admit that when the designs came out, I swooned over the rose gold Apple Watch Edition, but once the prices came out and that one was at minimum $12,000, I definitely knew it wasn't going to happen. So for now, the cheapest option would be the one I'd get. But I'll probably wait a bit before throwing down $350. For now, these cheaper options will suffice!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Project 365, Days 85-91

85:365 I got a haircut! It is essentially the same style as I got in October so nothing too fancy. Just a couple of inches :)

86:365 This day marks the anniversary of when Ryan and I made our relationship official. It is also the anniversary of the first time we held hands, ha! I don't know why I remember that, but I do. So I wanted to get a picture of us holding hands, but Ryan was being ornery and this is the best I could get.

87:365 I love bike rides in the Spring!

88:365 This was our wedding cake topper and I love that it is a regular piece of decor in our home. When I look at it, I'm reminded of that day and how lucky I am to have Ryan in my life.

89:365 Easter season means partaking in these delicious morsels.

90:365 All this week, Provo was celebrating the day it was founded 166 years ago. They put yellow balloons all over center street and it brightened up the town for a short period of time.

91:365 All of these blossoms remind me of the Primary song "Popcorn Poppin' on the Apricot Tree", a favorite of mine growing up.

I can't believe I'm almost 100 days into this little project. I've been keeping at it this whole time and being this far into it serves as motivation to keep going until the end. So that's what I'll do!

Happy Easter Sunday!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Five for Friday: Spring Tree Blossom Edition

Spring is here and the trees are blowing up with all sorts of beautiful blossoms. Although my sinuses hate them and every morning I have a sneezing fit, my eyes can't stop staring at how beautiful the world is at this time. Here are five of my favorite pictures I've snapped while admiring the spring blossoms. It's such a shame that I can't fully enjoy them what with my allergies. But I do my best :)

I wish these flowers could hang around all year round, but I guess that would mean I wouldn't appreciate them when they finally come out during this short period of time. So I'll take what I can get.

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!