Sunday, March 29, 2015

Project 365, Days 78-84

78:365 On my way to my weekly yoga class!

79:365 I got 3 fillings and had a somewhat traumatic experience (I just hate needles and anything tooth-related) so I spent the night curled up, waiting for my mouth to be back to normal since it was really numbed up.

80:365 Ryan and I tried going on a hike and though it failed we still managed to have a good time and I got some beautiful mountain pictures.

81:365 After getting all that embroidery floss from my mom, I went out and got some cross-stitching supplies and went to work. I have to say, I look forward to coming home from work and watching TV while cross-stitching. It's very relaxing.

82:365 I got a mysterious package from a company located in Texas called Thrift Book or something like that and inside of it was this book by David Rackoff that I blogged about not too long ago. Whoever gave this to me, thanks so much! I'm so excited to read it (I'm still working through another book currently).

83:365 My wandering jew plant cuttings have been growing well the last couple of weeks and are about ready to be re-planted!

84:365 I found myself back at my former university for a good friend's senior recital and took some fun reflection pictures of the students still filtering out of the building after a late class.

March is almost over, can you believe it? Spring is in effect here and though my allergies hate it, my soul is fully embracing it. So expect lots of flower pictures for the next month. I can't get enough of all the blossoms on trees, bushes and even the wild flowers in patches of grass. It's so beautiful!

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Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Sorry about your dentist visit. Did you try the nitrous oxide? Ah, the HFAC - Tamara's recital, maybe?