Thursday, March 5, 2015

Project 365, Day 57-63

57:365 It's been randomly rainy in Utah after our amazing bout of sunny, warm days in early February. Now we're back to snowy and cold. Go away, winter!

58:365 I had my first cronut. It was an extremely messy but fairly delicious experience!

59:365 My Wandering Jew plant has been growing like crazy recently! It was spilling out of its current pot and so I went out and bought new pots to give this and some of my other plants more room and fresh soil.

60:365 And here's the repotting process! I spread newspaper on our living room floor and repotted my succulents/plants while watching "Stardust" with my hubby. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon activity.

61:365 For fun I was reading my Summharry poster and loved the "j'accuse!" moment between Tom Riddle and young Hagrid. Makes me want to read the books for the hundredth time.

62:365 Recently, I've been on the hunt for a road bike on craigslist/KSL classifieds so that Ryan and I can ride bikes during the Spring/Summer and I went to check out this beauty and found it charming and darling and so I got it! It's a bit of a fixer upper but I'm excited for the adventures I will have with this beauty.

63:365 A little part of my desk shelf that I love. The colors are so much fun and the memories of home, family, trips, and good times are so warm and fuzzy when I look at it.

Phew, life is getting busy. I wish I could do more for this project but for now I'm just doing what I can to keep this little project up. Thank goodness the days are getting longer so that I have more opportunities to use natural light to take pictures. I much prefer using the sun as my light than any other form.

On to the next week of pictures!

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