Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

The past few Valentine's Days Ryan and I have gone to restaurants that were always overcrowded and waited way too long for the food and overall haven't loved our experiences dealing with Utah on February 14th. So this year we wanted to do something WAY easier and ended up having the best Valentine's Day with Ryan ever!

We ordered take-out from a local Italian restaurant, got some fancy bottled sodas, lit some candles and had a nice dinner with the music of our choice playing in the background.

Ryan's pizza. My pasta was delicious but not very photogenic, ha!

Tea lights!

Delicious soda
After our lovely dinner, we rented a movie on iTunes and cuddled up and watched it while our tummies emptied in preparation for chocolate fondue! We did the fondue while we watched "Friends" on Netflix and will definitely be doing our own fondue again in the future. So good and way cheaper!

 We will definitely be doing this from now on every Valentine's Day. Why deal with crowded restaurants and noisy movie theaters when we can enjoy everything in the comfort of our own home. We can go out any old day, so I'm glad we avoided going out :)


Julina said...


I'm so glad you guys figured out early to avoid the "hyped up" Valentine's day hassle and enjoy what YOU enjoy. Also hooray for cheap, delicious homemade fondue!

Alex and I had our date on Friday night, so Sat was about the family.

For breakfast, I made heart shaped sausage patties to go w/ GF, egg-free chocolate crepes (more like pancakes - I couldn't quite get the "crepe" technique worked out - but still super delicious) w/ strawberry filling and cinnamon-free apple filling (Shiloh isn't allergic, just doesn't like the taste of cinnamon). No pics, so trust me - delicious (sinful!)

Then Alex took Shiloh out to lunch and I took Stratton, then we played computer/video games w/ our respective "dates".

Dinner was a family favorite dish that we hadn't had for a while, w/ chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

So chill, and so much nicer than fighting the crowds for us, as well...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY guys- here's to love in all shapes and sizes!

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

What a lovely Valentine's day you had. Mmmmmm, chocolate fondue with all gluten-free ingredients.