Thursday, February 26, 2015

Project 365, Days 50-56

 50:365 The Bellagio has a turn-down service that includes closing the curtains, turning off all the lights except the bed lights, turning on the TV and changing the channel to a serene music station, and setting out these two delectable chocolates. After my long days working, it was nice to come into my room and feel completely at peace and then enjoy eating my milk chocolate Belgian chocolate!

51:365 The lobby ceiling at the Bellagio is covered with this amazing blown glass art. Apparently it's worth $10 million but all I could think about is how heavy the whole piece would be if lifted. It's massive!

52:365 Ryan had some sewing needs so I whipped out the ol' sewing machine, set it up and let him have fun with his patch jobs.

53:365 Got a new piece of jewelry that shows off my love for the Harry Potter fandom!

54:365 Finished my second book for February and loved it! A book review for both the first book and the second book will be coming soon.

55:365 The Provo Library was having a book sale so Ryan and I checked it out and snagged some old favorites as well as picked some books that we have never read but looked interesting. By the way, this is only one aisle of the sale. The ballroom was FILLED with boxes of books.

56:365 Work had me doing a film shoot up at the Sundance resort and this red rustic chair popped against the gray worn wood. (I am ROCKING the alliteration!)

Well, there you have it, folks. 2 months are officially finished, just 10 more to go to finish this project!

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