Thursday, February 19, 2015

Project 365, Days 43-49

43:365 My work ordered dozens of roses for our company Valentine's Day luncheon for the employees to buy for $5/dozen. I helped trim and prep the roses and the room smelled AMAZING when it was all done.

44:365 My indoor plants are anxiously awaiting Spring sunshine.

45:365 We played a round of Valentine's tennis and enjoyed the amazing 60-degree temperatures that Utah rarely sees this early in the year. Even our tennis rackets look like a cute couple posing for a picture, ha!

46:365 The lovely artwork on my new yoga mat makes me so happy.

47:365 We used the President's Day holiday as a chance to get out and drive. Sure, it was a not-so-exciting trip to the Apple store (which is 40 minutes away) and the Outlets, but I enjoyed having him keep me company while I ran those couple of errands.

48:365 That night there was a Masquerade dance to celebrate Mardi Gras at the local recreation center but I was suffering a migraine the whole day and so we opted out and wore our masks that we bought for the event around the apartment.

49:365 My stay at the Bellagio hotel for a quick business trip. The company is having a convention in May that will be held in the Bellagio and so we're doing one final pass-through to make sure everything is good to go. My boss and I were down there to film some of our top leaders in their home in Las Vegas.

Whew, another week finished. Can you believe how fast this year is going by? Seriously so crazy. Anyways, I'm currently still in Las Vegas relaxing in my hotel room. I gotta say, the Bellagio has its reputation for a reason. I may never be able to stay anywhere else in Las Vegas (if I ever go there outside of business, bleh).


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Ah, what a fun job to prepare roses. Sorry you had a migraine - the dance sounded fun. I would have liked to have been a fly on your apartment wall to see you both in those masks! The Bellagio looks amazing. I love the green motif (as well as your green yoga mat)

Ellaniemae said...

Your masks look so beautiful!!! i am so glad you thought to use them at home instead of just letting them lay around unused... That is what would have happened at my house...