Thursday, February 12, 2015

Project 365, Days 36-42

36:365 I had a night to myself and decided to paint my nails and play with the dotting tool while I watched the newest episode of "The Bachelor" (it's a guilty pleasure...).

 37:365 It's Halloween year round in the Merrill household! I was just too lazy to put these little guys away when the time came. So there they sit.

38:365 I recently got a small freelance gig and so I decided to show off my little editing suite. The speakers are a new addition (birthday present from Ryan's parents) and they're magnificent. Recognize the desktop background? (Hint: a picture I took from Bryce Canyon. Okay that wasn't a hint so much as the actual answer.)

39:365 Took a nice Sunday walk and love the iron fences that line the outsides of different houses along our route.

40:365 Ryan and I are getting into this whole Wii Fit thing and tested out the different activities they have.

41:365 I try to journal a little bit every day, a goal I made earlier last year and have found that Moleskine journals are my favorite. So far I'm loving the soft-cover version the best but have loved the hardback ones in the past.

42:365 Testing out my Wii U pedometer for the first time (as a part of the whole Wii Fit thing Ryan and I are doing). I love my little Mii face that's on it :)

Can I just say how hard it's been these past couple of weeks to come up with things to photograph! I am trying not to photograph food all the time and am trying to see the extraordinary in daily life but mostly my life is fairly the same every day. I'm glad for the challenge but sometimes it's horrible when I've gone almost the whole day without finding something to snap a picture of and then have to deal with the terrible lighting of my apartment and make due with what I have around me.

Soon, I'll be trying to invest in some proper lighting so that I can practice my indoor photography and not feel like the pictures coming out are terrible because of my lightbulbs. 

Here's to completing another week!


Julina said...

I'm proud of you for sticking it out so far.

Also, I, for one, still think the spiders are cute and worthy of year round enjoyment. But I already told you that.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

I ditto everything Julina says - about the spiders and the photo goals.