Thursday, February 5, 2015

Project 365, Days 29-35

29:365 It's been a year since I was a volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival and I have used my volunteer water bottle ever since I got it. I was missing being a volunteer pretty hard this particular day.

30:365 Slowly trying to get used to night photography. I definitely need some more practice after tonight, but here's one of the better images. Also, here's a favorite section of downtown Provo.

31:365 Finally bought a frame for the hedgehog painting I got as a gift a YEAR ago. Also, shout out to my mom who painted the Aspens canvas and the smaller painting of my childhood home. Love ya, mom!

32:365  Snapped some shots of my lovely jewelry box I got for my birthday from Ryan. At some point I will show off more of this part of my closet that brings me so much joy!

33:365 A friend of mine goes to school right next to the Trader Joe's up in Salt Lake City and was so kind enough to ask if I wanted any produce while she was up there. Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some of their amazing (and well priced) fruits!

34:365 I tried making lemon cupcakes from scratch and they didn't turn out nearly as well as if I'd just done them from a mix. Lesson learned!

35:365 We got a new door mat and I'm smitten with it :)

Well, that's it for week 5. Some days were much harder than expected but I got through it and hope that the next week will be much better!

Also, I'm thinking that it would be fun to share some of the photos that DIDN'T make the cut. There are days where there are many pictures of different things but they never see the light of day. We'll see if I can find time to share those as well :)


Julina said...

I LOVE the doormat (not sure if there should be a space there or not). And hopefully the lemon cupcakes tasted OK, even if they didn't rise a lot. I love lemon sometimes (and lately have been smitten with lime, too...)

Have a good Sunday - maybe we can talk :)

Love ya,


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

the cupcakes still LOOK nice.

And I LOVE your door mat!!! (and your jewelry box)