Sunday, February 1, 2015

Midway Ice Castle Adventure

Ryan and I went to the Ice Castle in Midway this winter after vowing we would go since we missed last year and saw all the amazing picture people took. So we waited all winter for the ice castle to open. Unfortunately, Utah has been having a very mild winter and the temperatures made it difficult for the castle to be made. 

FINALLY last weekend they opened, but only for 3 days: Friday, Saturday, and Monday. We had things going on Friday and Saturday that prevented us from seeing them so Monday morning we made a spur of the moment decision to go. We knew it would be busy since they would be open only the three days and Monday was the last day but we went regardless of the large crowd.

Well, we were all fine and dandy until about half a mile away from the ice castle where we hit a LARGE never-ending line of cars. It took 20 minutes to drive to this half-mile spot from our apartment but then it took another 40 minutes to crawl through that half mile to get to our parking spot. And to add to that, I had to pee about 15 minutes into the trip. The drive through the canyon has NO places to stop and relieve oneself unless they pee behind a bush. So I held it hoping I'd find a bathroom at the ice castle.

 Well, guess what? After we walked from our parked car to the ice castles and found the bathrooms, we saw a line longer and slower than the line to get into the castles. There were only 3 "johnny on the spots" and a line filled with kids with tiny bladders doing potty dances. So I ditched that line and caught up with Ryan who was standing in the ticket line. So no relief for me yet.

Once inside the ice castles it was quite an amazing sight. There were TONS of people but there was also lots of space in the main room to wander around and see all the flashing lights and listen to the music playing. So my need to pee was put on the back burner as I soaked in the sight.

This fountain certainly didn't help my urge to pee...

 There was one big cavernous ice room and then a handful of slot canyons that you could explore as well as slides for people to go on. The line for the slides was as long as the bathroom line and filled with just as many kids so I left the slides to them. Plus, it sounded more cold than fun.

We spent about 45 minutes there before we felt we'd seen everything and the need to pee was almost too overwhelming. But it was enough time for me to work on my night photography and practice my abilities at capturing the magic that was the ice castle.

Once we left it was easy getting out. But there were still no places to go pee until we got home. So I told Ryan to step on it and get me home fast!

We were free and clear until we were at the mouth of the canyon (about 10 minutes away from home) when we were stopped yet again by a line of cars. But this time it was because there was a really bad accident that blocked both lanes going out and one lane going into the canyon. So with one lane available and that lane being the wrong direction we want to go, we had to sit and wait until the area was cleared. That took 30 minutes. And all the while I was sitting there wondering what in the world I did to deserve such terrible luck!

We stayed in good spirits the whole time and I tried really hard not to be resentful to the car wreck since it was pretty bad (when we drove past, we saw 2 people on gurneys and a car that was crushed completely).

Once home, I BOLTED to the toilet and was able to finally relieve myself after 3 hours of needing to pee. Let me tell you, it was quite satisfying. But I'll leave it at that since talking about peeing isn't proper, ha!

Anyways, thanks for reading my silly story. The pictures I took turned out well enough but I wish I had more time and more space to get more practice. It was hard getting the color right since the ice had more of a greenish glow to it (think Minas Morgul from The Lord of the Rings) but it was still a lot of fun. I just hope next year we have a better winter so that the castles are only open for 3 days and it's super cramped. I'd love to go again, but not under those conditions.

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