Thursday, January 22, 2015

Project 365, Days 9-21

15:365 A picture of my workspace, featuring a delicious GreenMe smoothie. Our company is partnering with them so that employees can ask for a small deduction from their paycheck to get these smoothies every Tuesday and Thursday. I felt that for the price they were asking, it was VERY worth it. And a great pick-me-up :)

16:365 Filling up the tank for our spontaneous road trip down to Bryce Canyon for my birthday!

17:365 Bryce canyon! Such an amazing place, 10/10 would go again. Definitely a fantastic birthday present.

18:365 I made lemon poppyseed muffins and took the chance to take some macro photos of the lemons before I juiced them. Citrus fruits are amazing! 

19:365 My husband's family threw me a birthday dinner and for dessert was a brownie s'mores bar with a graham cracker crust. The marshmallow was super sticky and hard to eat, but it was still delicious!

20:365 I'm in love with my camera bag. Seriously, so cute! (got it over at Jo Totes)

21:365 I recently got into a Nintendo 3DS game called Fantasy Life and I find myself playing it most evenings while binge-watching Netflix with Ryan. Love my evenings!

That's it for week 3! Stay tuned for a bigger blog post about Bryce Canyon coming up soon :)

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