Thursday, January 15, 2015

Project 365, Days 8-14

8:365 I treated myself to some delicious hot cocoa after a particularly busy day at work. I still remember when my sister Elise gave me this mug in a care package when I first came out to Utah for school.

9:365 Because my boss was out of town for the week, I was the one who had to do all of the random photography/filming tasks that came up without much notice. This particular day, it was to re-shoot some product packs for the online shopping cart page. So here is a behind the scenes shot of the set-up for the shoot and then one of the "runner-up" pictures that wasn't quite the right angle I wanted for the final image. But it was good enough for my blog, so here it is :)

10:365 We did dinner at the Riverwoods shopping area and wandered around for a bit. 

11:365 Woke up to a foggy town. It's a rare sight to see in this neck of the woods.

12:365 Rainy day going into work. The building outline behind the raindrops is my actual work!

13:365 This time of year I crave Tim Tams like nothing else. While in Missouri for Christmas, I searched and SEARCHED for some at all the grocery stores and came up with nothing. I went to a local candy/soda shoppe and saw they not only had original Tim Tams but had two other flavors, including this caramel kind. I obviously had to buy some (this was the only pack I got since they're pricey but believe me I wanted to buy all three). 

14:365 Came home to a box from Amazon when I knew I hadn't ordered anything. I figured it was the beginnings of Birthday presents. It was a rather large box but it was really light. Upon opening it, I saw this small thin spatula and Ryan and I both laughed at the ridiculous sized box. Thanks person who got this for me! I've been needing one of these :)

And on that note, that's a wrap for week 2! The picture efforts this week were a little lackluster, I'll be honest. I'm still getting the hang of taking pictures daily and having the camera out and around so often I'd forget to take pictures of anything until the evening. Or in the case of the fog picture, it was a Sunday morning and I was still in pajamas and I didn't want to go out in public in my pajamas. So I took it from my apartment balcony and so the shot is poorly composed. I'm sad I didn't get anything more dramatic. Oh well. I have 50 more weeks to make up for my half-hearted efforts. 

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