Thursday, January 29, 2015

Project 365, Days 22-28

22:365 A dapper period hat that my boss rented for a company trip that he is wore along with a purple 18th century costume.

23:365 Had my first dental cleaning in a long time. I love the little goodie bags they send you home with!

24:365 I was feeling like donuts and so I bought donuts. Go big or go home (honestly, it took us 3 days to eat all of these).

25:365 I love it when I get film developed, especially when there were photos on there from months before. It was like reliving those moments all over again! (Do you spy any Bryce Canyon pics?)

26:365 The Midway ice castles were open for a total of 3 days since Utah was unseasonably warm and so we went up the last day and though it was quite the trip (I will tell the story in another blog) it was worth seeing the amazing ice!

27:365 Finished a really good book, a gift given to me by my sister, Julina, last year for my birthday.

 28:365 Found a bird's nest in the bush I park by at work. I was hoping it was an early sign of Spring but was sad to see the leaves inside meaning it's probably an old, vacated one. Still, there are some buds on the bush!

And that concludes my 4th week doing this! I'm proud of my efforts so far, it actually hasn't been as difficult as I thought. I hope it stays that way :)

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