Thursday, January 8, 2015

Project 365, Days 1-7

This is my first "Project 365" blog post and the first week wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm carrying my camera around with me everywhere I go within reason (most grocery stores around here are not okay with cameras inside, too many film students *cough cough* filming in the store without getting proper permission) and I am noticing lots of moments that would be great to photograph. It's fun to see the world in a different perspective. So here we go!

1:365 The lone flower from my cyclamen plant I bought sometime last February. These plants are tricky little things to take care of, so I'm tickled it's still alive today!

2:365 A frost-covered dresser that sat abandoned next to our apartment complex's dumpster.

3:365 Every now and then when Ryan and I take our evening walks, this cat will come up to us and beg for scratches. So we obliged and then she followed us for half a block. It was so cute!

4:365 Ryan and I had a sick day on Sunday and I spent most of the day wearing these lovely slippers Ryan got for me for Christmas. Nothing better than cozy slippers, a quilt and being lazy all day!

5:365 We spent the evening putting away Christmas decorations which included putting away our glorious white Christmas tree. Can you spot the five different versions of me? ;)

6:365 Close-up shot of the camera at my work. All those buttons are as confusing as they look. I can really only use about half of them. But I'm still learning how to use it :)

7:365 We got a free honey baked ham from my work and are finally putting it to good use by making ham and swiss sliders for dinner, one of our favorite recipes. Yummy!

And that's a wrap on week 1! I hope that I won't start stagnating and can still see fresh new ideas to photograph in the coming weeks :)


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Very nice. And those sliders are to die for.

Sammie said...

Kirsti- awesome photos! This takes a lot of time and dedication, keep it up! Too bad that dresser was frost covered, it looked like a good furniture restoration project. I am looking forward to seeing more photosf from you.