Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years 2015

Happy 2015, everyone! 2014 was a pretty great year full of wonderful moments as well as lots of learning moments. It was my first year as a real working girl using the skills I obtained earning my degree at BYU, which is pretty awesome! Who knew I could make a living doing things I love? I also celebrated my third wedding anniversary which is fantastic. But besides those two things, it wasn't an exciting year. But that's how I like it: having a year full of small and simple moments that fill my life with joy.

With a new year comes resolutions. Everyone makes them but hardly any of them are kept year round. In fact, this past year I did terribly on my resolutions. But I'm hoping that will change this year.

There are a couple of really exciting things I'm hoping to accomplish in 2015, a few of which will influence this blog.

2015 Resolutions

-Participate in 365 photo a day project in which I will carve out some time each day to pull out my Panasonic GH2 and snap some pictures, edit one to be posted online and to be included in a weekly blog post to record my journey. This blog did it for 2014 and I loved seeing her photos!

-Blog at least once a week, even if it's the 365 project blog post I plan to do weekly. If more, great. But I gotta start small.

-Read at least 2 "new to me" books a month.

-Run a half-marathon (This is depending on an orthopedic doctor's appointment diagnosing my foot issues. If it ends up bad, this will be changed)

-Start my freelance business, for real this time! I know I keep saying it but I gotta get it done.

-Be active and/or work out at least 5 days a week every week. Not necessarily to lose a certain amount of pounds but to be a healthier person altogether. I've been doing 3-4 days of activity/working out already so adding the extra day will be a bit of a challenge but the goal is to find things I enjoy doing regularly and maintaining those habits.

-Be better at budgeting and saving. So far in our marriage, we've just been keeping an eye on our bank account to avoid over-spending but I think we need to be smarter about our finances in general and so building our savings will be very beneficial all-around.

-Journal daily. This is a habit I started about 3 months ago and have kept up for the most part and I want to make sure it's a habit I maintain all this year.

-Always find things to be happy and grateful for every day!

I look forward to being a more regular presence on this blog and will hopefully keep these resolutions all year. Even if I fail at times, I'll definitely try my best to keep at them.

I'm so excited for the coming year! Who knows what's in store? But if it's anything like 2014, it'll be a good 2015 :)

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Julina said...

Love this insight:

"But besides those two things, it wasn't an exciting year. But that's how I like it: having a year full of small and simple moments that fill my life with joy."

I'm totally ok w/o high excitement, as well, because "excitement" usually equals "stress" (even when it's a "good" stress, I still don't mind keeping it to small doses)

Anyway - love you and so glad to talk to you. Maybe I'll get to SEE you and HUG you in 2015!