Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas in Missouri

From December 19th to the 28th, Ryan and I were in my hometown of Columbia, Missouri. It was a relatively quiet visit since only half of the Lambson clan were in town but it was still a fun and relaxing Christmas holiday break for us. Much of my time was spent lounging around chatting with my parents or playing with the three dogs that now live in the house and taking naps just because I want to. These are all luxuries that I don't get to experience much when I'm back home in Utah. 

On the Sunday we were in town, I wanted to take a walk with my sister, Sarah, and her dog, Bones. We took a very familiar trail, one that I grew up running on or walking on with my friends, so it was nice to see it again.

Bear Creek. I played in this creek a LOT as a kid (but not in the winter, obviously).

Another day, my mom made some cookie house pieces that Ryan and I decorated. It's not a typical "gingerbread house" since it's not gingerbread, but it was fun to do while we watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

This was one side of the roof. We didn't have enough Smarties to do the other side this way. We did peppermint swirls on the other side and I failed to get a good picture of it.

The candy Christmas lights. SUPER adorable!

Not quite the finished product but a good "work in progress" picture.

Christmas day was VERY relaxing since we weren't going to open presents until the afternoon. So in the morning we all woke up slowly and ate the cinnamon rolls my dad prepared.

A fruit basket from one of the neighbors.

A picture of the cinnamon rolls before they were cooked. 

Some "ninja"bread cookies I decorated. The big peppermint swirl is supposed to be a Flava-Flav-type clock necklace.

My mom made this holiday banner out of old cross-stitched ornaments that used to hang on our tree. I forget the significance of them, if there is any at all.

The pups on Christmas day! Well, 2 of them.

After breakfast, we took Bones to the local dog park where there were LOTS of other dogs that he could play with. Turns out, Bones is more of the "one dog at a time" type and gets overwhelmed when there are too many to socialize with. I feel you, Bones. I'm much the same way.

 Bones LOVES playing fetch, whether it's with his rope chew toys inside the house or large sticks outside, he will fetch it.

I also got some pictures of my handsome hubby and his glorious "I'm not in school for two weeks so I can have one" beard.

You can tell he loves getting his picture taken.

The rest of these pictures are from Christmas afternoon/evening when we opened presents and played games.

This was painted by my mom. It's of the house, each sibling got one of the house they mostly grew up in, so the older kids got a painting of another house.

Christmas Crackers! It's an English tradition to have these at Christmas, so I decided to try them out. They were a lot of fun!

Playing a game fittingly called "HedBanz"(sic) that Steven and Tamara got for my parents for Christmas. It was a fun if not frustrating game. And hilarious to see people wear. 

All in all, it was a great visit and I'm glad we were able to go. Next year will be a Utah Christmas year, especially since Andrew, Ryan's brother, is supposed to be back from his 2-year mission at that time.

We did a lot of other things that weren't pictured such as visiting the Amish, shopping for Christmas presents and going out to eat a few times, Historic St. Charles and time spent with Emily's family, Kansas City with my friend Sara and things like that. But I wanted to make sure I was spending more moments with my family and being a part of the moments instead of taking pictures. Not to mention that I have WAY TOO MANY pictures of Historic St. Charles. It's pretty, but I felt I didn't need to take many more.

Look forward to my first blog for my Project 365 this week! It's only been 4 days, but so far I'm keeping up :)

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Julina said...

LOVE that y'all made "ninja"-bread cookies and your beautiful cookie house.

Also love the pics from Headbandz. It's a game we had at our clinic in Lafayette. I didn't play it much w/ my clients, but it seems like fun :)

Thanks for sharing Christmas. Mom blogged, but it's fun to have an additional perspective.

Love you!