Sunday, October 19, 2014


This week, I went out and did something I haven't really done in a few years: I decided that my long hairstyle was not working for me and chopped off 4-5 inches of my hair.

In general, shorter hair is just SO MUCH EASIER to manage. And this length is perfect because it's long enough to still put in a ponytail on my lazy/bad hair days and yet short enough that when left naturally curly it looks more sassy than sad.

Allow me this week to be a little vain. I tried my hardest to narrow down the pictures but couldn't do it. Ryan wasn't a help either. If he had it his way, he'd have at least 3-4 more pictures than I am allowing. But I told him that no one wanted to see copious amounts of my face. So I only included pictures that added variety. Like this beauty.

But in all seriousness, getting a haircut or any significant style change does something to me. It boosts my confidence, makes me feel cute and spunky and new. It's a change not only to my outward appearance, but to who I feel I am inside. Many times, in films and TV shows, when a character cuts their hair it is a symbolism of the change that has occurred in the character. Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets a huge hair chop in season 6 after a traumatizing thing has happened and signifies her emotional change. Mulan chops her hair off both to physically fit in as a man in the army and to show she's no longer the weak girl she once was. Topanga in Boy Meets World also cuts her hair off to demonstrate that a girl is more than her beauty (though that instance kind of backfired and she freaked out for a bit).

For me it's more of a physical change than an emotional one. I haven't just overcome something challenging, just living life. But it's amazing what physical change can do to your emotional state.

Along with the change comes the adjustments. A day or two after a haircut, my hair never behaves well. It always acts out in rebellion. But after that time, it goes back to being manageable and cute. But who/what in the world reacts well to change in the first moments after it has happened? I am TERRIBLE at accepting change. But you can't fight the inevitable.

So to mark the occasion, I'll provide a list of things I love about myself and some things I would like to change.

What I Love
-My relationship with my husband. It could always improve, but right now I feel like we have a solid relationship and I love the time we spend together each day.
-I'm working in a field that interests me
-My hair :)
-The color of my eyes
-My optimism and outlook on life and my future
-My physicality and desire to continue working on myself and pushing myself
-My sense of humor
-How I'm able to listen and empathize with people
-My open-mindedness and the way I can explore ideas that I may disagree with
-My relationship with my Heavenly Father and my love for the gospel

Things I would like to change
-My commitment to fitness. I love sleeping in TOO dang much.
-My habits after work. All that time could be applied to more edifying activities and not watching Sherlock or Gilmore Girls.
-The amount of my ambition. I'm too comfortable at my job and I feel I need to be seeking more things to improve upon my skill-set.
-My eyebrows. I'm constantly battling with myself on how I want them to look. Oof.
-My hair color. I'm toying with the thought of tinting it reddish violet.
-How much time I'm dedicating to my spiritual well-being. Much of my time is spent at work and the rest of it is spent looking after my husband and my apartment. Very little is spent on myself and my spirit. This needs to change.

That's it for now. I could go on and on, but I want to remind my future self of the person I was at this point in time and who I wanted to become. Maybe in the future, I'll have improved enough to set a new set of goals and things I want to change. Maybe. I can only hope.

Oh look, I have a visitor!

He love the haircut too!

He's also a little camera shy. I don't know why, he's extremely photogenic :)

Well, that's all I have for this week. It was a slow week and not entirely exciting. This hair cut was the most exciting my week got, which I'm definitely grateful for. I've had way too many exciting weeks recently. Time for something boring.

I hope that next week will be a better blog. I am tentatively planning on going to a local pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins, so I'm hoping that will happen, and thus pretty outdoor pumpkin pictures will happen. For now, happy Sunday night!


Ellaniemae said...

Your new haircut is SOOOOO cute!!! I love it!!!

Peeser said...

Your hair IS adorable, as are you! And I love the Boy Meets World reference- I remember that episode, haha- LOVE it! :)

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

I love the haircut, too. And Ryan's photo bombs....