Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our State Fair

On Friday, Ryan and I made the trek up to the Salt Lake City fairgrounds to attend the annual state fair, an event I LOVE attending to cap off the summer. Ryan is very willing to embrace my weird obsession with fairs and carnivals and he even looked like he enjoyed the fair (except at the end when his feet were getting tired. To be honest, my feet were tired too).

I wanted to get some good fair pictures while I was there, but alas, I didn't bring my tripod so I didn't get a chance to try out some long exposure carnival ride photos. So for now, these will have to do. But doing long exposure is certainly on my "to-do" list!

General fair hubbub

An entertaining fire-juggler. He also cracked a whip around, which was cool.

Gosh, I can't resist a good ferris wheel picture. Even if I hate riding them.

This one like licking metal.

Ryan insisted on poking some of the bunnies.

Here he is in the act of poking one now (sporting a really awesome rubber arm...)

A funky-looking bird. We couldn't stop laughing at it!

Another funky-looking bird. It looks like the head can go inside the body like a turtle!

Deep-fried oreos! So delicious!

More ferris wheel.
I told Ryan to look off in the distance. He's a very good, if not literal, model.

Attempting a selfie with the ferris wheel. I attempted this many times and this was the best we got. Not too shabby, though Ryan looks a little loopy and I look a bit manic. And so it goes at the fair.
And there you have it! Most of the time when I'm at a fair, the last thing I care about is good pictures. I'm more about being present and experiencing the smells and sights and sounds of the fair. But since these pictures weren't quite what I was hoping for, I'm going to make sure next year I get a good batch of photos before I dive into the deep fried goodness of the fair.


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Sadie should meet that metal-licking reindeer! Loved the ferris wheel shots.

Ellaniemae said...

You got some amazing sunset pictures! Your talent is really coming along nicely!