Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fun with film

Sometime around the beginning of June, my parents bought me my graduation gift: a Pentax K1000 35mm camera (one of these days I'll use my GH2 to snap a cute pic of it in natural light. I got an awesome camera strap for it and want to show it off!) and I have finally developed some of the film I used to take pictures with it. I'm still getting used to it and some of the pictures were a little wonky, but I managed to snap some GREAT photos with this little treasure of mine.
Grainy picture snapped of one of my succulents. This film doesn't handle low light settings very well.
We went to the Provo Farmer's Market one Saturday. This gathering gets bigger each time I attend!

A blown-out picture of the splash pad in Pioneer Park in Provo.
A Pioneer Park statue of someone important.
Provo Farmer's Market sign (and Google Fiber).
The Downtown Provo sign (and a fun blurry car, love!). It looks particularly vintage because of the camera/film.
A quick picture I snapped of the Angel Moroni on top of the Provo City Center Temple currently being worked on.
It's not a camera owned by Kirsten until it's taken pictures of ducks at the duck pond!
Those ripples turned out AMAZING on this film! Love it!

That lens flair! This is probably one of my faves so far that I've snapped on this camera.
My handsome hubby! He's such a trooper when I ask to take pictures of him :)
Super tall tree at the BYU pond. The colors in this picture are breathtaking!
A fun cluster of mushrooms seen on an evening walk around our neighborhood.

Pikachu graffiti that I love.
Seen on a building on our way to the Food-Truck Round Up (an event that happens every Thursday night next to the Provo Frontrunner station).

Another old building sign.

The Food-Truck Round Up! There are SO MANY food trucks in Utah Valley, it's fun to see them all in one place and gorge on what they have to offer.

Another favorite picture I took of Ryan after our quick browsing session at the Freedom Festival in Provo.

Enjoying a snow-cone.

The Provo City Center Temple in twilight.

Lake Powell at dusk.

Another lens flare (at Lake Powell this time). This camera does REALLY well with lens flares.

The house boat.

My man is a stud! I love him so much.

I have LOVED taking pictures with this amazing camera and I look forward to the photos I'll take as I become more familiar with its capabilities.

I hope you all have enjoyed taking a peek at our random summer moments. I wish I was better at blogging so that I could give you more of a look at what we do during the summer. Maybe for our upcoming week-long Powell trip I'll give some more details. For now, I hope this will suffice!


Julina said...

Looks like a great summer (so far). Thanks for sharing a peek.

I LOVE that you "christen" your cameras by taking duck pics. Ducks make me happy (geese, not as much, though they're still amusing at times... especially on icy ponds!)

Have a good week at work. Love ya, sis.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

All the photos are terrific. I love the Lake Powell shots. That tall tree on BYU campus looks dead - poor thing. Film photography is such a gamble - you HOPE your picture turns out OK .... which is why you take so many shots. But, you take lots of shots with digital, too. I frankly don't miss the "good old days" of film but I am glad the younger generation does. They also like vinyl records.