Sunday, March 16, 2014

True/False and Film Photography

The last weekend in February, my parents flew my out from Utah to Missouri for the annual True/False Film Festival, an up-and-coming mostly documentary fest that's been around for a little more than 10 years. Since coming out to Utah for school and now staying here while Ryan finishes, I never got the chance to go home for it until now. Work was lenient about me leaving and so I left for a 5-day getaway.

Except it didn't feel like much of a getaway because it was about 40 degrees warmer in Utah than in Missouri. Utah has been experiencing 50-60 degree weather since mid-February so when I flew into Missouri and was having to deal with single-digits, it was rather miserable. But it was great to see my family for the short time I was there and to visit with friends and see a whole bunch of amazing documentaries. While there, I took out my mom's old Minolta 35mm SLR camera, got some B/W film, and took pictures around town and of family. So here are the best of the pictures.

It was a great visit and it was really difficult to leave. But I'll see my parents soon enough for my graduation in April and then hopefully I ca visit Missouri in the summer. For now, I'll admire all my photos I took and look forward to the festival next year!

Happy St. Patricks Day (tomorrow)! I'll be making my first ever corned beef and I do love me some corned beef!