Saturday, February 22, 2014

A New Addition to the Plant Family

For Valentines Day last week, Ryan wanted to get me a plant since I love them and prefer them over cut flowers (but I still love a good bouquet of flowers every now and then). Only problem is that he's limited in his abilities to travel because of the fact that I take the car to work every day and have it until 5:30pm at night. And so if he took it at that point, it would be hard to smuggle in a plant without telling me to hide for 5 minutes while he hid it somewhere. So I didn't get a plant on the actual Valentines Day, but did get some yummy mint chocolate truffles and cinnamon candy lips (I got him a giant Reese's chocolate heart).

But the plant did happen the day after. We both went to our local Smith's grocery store to do a few quick errands and there he told me to pick out the cutest succulent I could find. So I did. And we went home, found a jar we weren't using anymore and put the little guy inside. And here he is, cute as can be!

This was taken with the 10x macro lens filter. Such a cool effect!

It's so adorable and brings a lot of cheer into our apartment, along with my other succulents. I'm thinking of replanting some of them since they're all in the same pot (mom, could you help me with that in April when you're here?). Here's are a few quick pics to show how big they've grown!

I love my succulents and look forward to when Ryan will be okay with me adding exponentially more plants to our little apartment. I'm thinking of getting a bamboo plant for my office at work and then getting an ivy plant for our kitchen. And then make some terrariums to add to the one I have currently.

Happy Saturday!


Ellaniemae said...

I love how green plants make a house (or apartment) feel like a "home." My house was like that too. Without plants, it was very sterile, but once I added plants, I felt like it became a home.

Good luck with the bamboo plant! I like those a lot!

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

So cute. How did the plant starts I gave you survive your flight? And, I might be able to bring you a LARGE jar to create a terrarium, if you want. ( can you bring glass onto an airplane?)