Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Welcome to the New Year

So, it's 2014. When did that happen?!

 Two weeks ago? Oh. Yeah. I guess that's what happens when December turns into January.

Well, since Thanksgiving, I've hit the ground running. Lots of things to finish up with school, searching for jobs, and making sure Ryan and I were spending as much time with family as we could.

Here is a picture post highlighting the stuff we've been up to:

Thanksgiving Break
Thanksgiving cinnamon rolls (a new tradition since I found that super easy recipe for them) in the morning. The rest of the day was spent with Ryan's family eating food and hanging out.

Thanksgiving family photo shoot

In the beginning of December, we attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert at Temple Square. I was chosen to receive 4 tickets to this event, so we invited Ryan's parents to come with and I finally got to see the Christmas lights on Temple Square with my very own eyes! The concert was also incredible (John Rhys-Davies was a guest narrator/storyteller and Deborah Voigt was the guest soprano, she was FANTASTIC).

That's the moon. It was so bright that night!

Christmas break! The usual traditions of going to Santaquin to eat giant 2-feet long scones and seeing the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights, and seeing A Christmas Carol at the Hale Theater in Orem happened. We spent Christmas Eve day celebrating Stephanie's birthday in Park City and the evening with Ryan's family.

 Christmas Eve
 This was my crepe breakfast in Park City. Yum!

Various musical talents were performed Christmas eve.

Christmas Morning

Anyways, it was a GREAT Christmas day. Lots of gifts were received. My favorite gift isn't pictured here, but it was the canvas photo portrait that Emily and Joe gave to me and Ryan that's of us during our 2nd anniversary carnival photo shoot. It's the center of our home and I LOVE it so much!

The rest of the time was spent being lazy, seeing lots of great films via Netflix and in theaters, and, oh yeah, getting a JOB!

I am working for who knows how long at a job in South Jordan/Sandy (40 minute drive from my home in Provo) as an editor for a post-production company. They have a lot of stuff that needs edited in the next 6 months and they liked that I wasn't swamped with my own freelance clients, so I can really focus on the projects at hand. I've been working there almost two weeks now and though the days get long (editing in front of a screen for 8 hour chunks), it feels good doing something that I specifically trained for in college. And this is what I ultimately want to end up doing (except my pipe dream of being a documentary filmmaker. One day...).

So that's it for now! Friday is my 23rd birthday and starting Thursday, I'll be a volunteer for the Sundance Film Festival. So the next two weeks are gonna be CRAZY! I'll be driving through Provo Canyon almost every day. Wish me luck and I hope that once January ends I can finally breathe just a little bit.


Ellaniemae said...

Oh so many thigns running through my mind to say...

Sundance! How awesome! I hope you can rub elbows with someone famous!

That picture of the Christmas concert: Holy Cow! (I have never seen the conference center before and didn't know it was that big!)

It is so nice to see you with you violin again!

I am sooooo happy you found a job! Congratulations!

Happy birthday! I did the math, 2014 minus 23...You were born the year AFTER I graduated high school... man, I'm old!

Keep in touch!!! Have a great 2014!

Sarah Lambson said...

I love your life! (: Totally missed you during the holidays.

Also, tell Ryan that his his Pluto shirt is still one of my favorites. Makes me laugh every time!

Love ya, sis.