Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Piece of Autumn in Utah

On a Sunday in October, Ryan and I took a sunset-filled drive up Provo canyon so that I could capture some of the beauty of the autumn colors. Unfortunately, the canyon at that point had already experienced a lot of blustery winds that blew away many of the colors so we stopped in Timpanogos Park which is at the mouth of the canyon and I snapped pics of the prettiest colors in the park.

Mostly the colors were yellow in the park, but some of the trees were this bright, vivid red and it was amazing.

I love autumn and it is sad to see it go as winter seeps into the slowly darkening days. But I will embrace winter with open arms because it's not Christmas without winter weather. So bring it on, Utah!

P.S. In a month, I'll be graduated. How CRAZY is that?!


Steve said...

That's literally the only pretty thing to ever grow in Utah. Literally. Gorgeous.

Ellaniemae said...

It is crazy that you are almost graduated. It is also weird that you won't be coming "home" after school, like I had thought when you first went out to Utah. But I am happy that you have such a good life... :)

Sarah Lambson said...

These photos are wonderful. I wish I had taken more fall photos here. Missouri had an awesome one this year!