Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Piece of Autumn in Utah

On a Sunday in October, Ryan and I took a sunset-filled drive up Provo canyon so that I could capture some of the beauty of the autumn colors. Unfortunately, the canyon at that point had already experienced a lot of blustery winds that blew away many of the colors so we stopped in Timpanogos Park which is at the mouth of the canyon and I snapped pics of the prettiest colors in the park.

Mostly the colors were yellow in the park, but some of the trees were this bright, vivid red and it was amazing.

I love autumn and it is sad to see it go as winter seeps into the slowly darkening days. But I will embrace winter with open arms because it's not Christmas without winter weather. So bring it on, Utah!

P.S. In a month, I'll be graduated. How CRAZY is that?!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Since I last posted, many things have happened. I've taken midterms, went to a Renaissance faire, celebrated Ryan's 24th birthday, finished a block class, dressed up for Halloween, went to a corn maze, cooked delicious food and basked in the glory of autumn in Utah. Plus lots of other things in between. It's been a crazy busy month and a half or so (when is it NOT crazy?!) and I'm here to share some photos of my experience. If you follow me on Instagram then most of these aren't new, but to those who don't always check up, here is a bit of a visual treat.

Ryan's Birthday
 Cinnamon rolls for Ryan's birthday breakfast

 I got him the entire "Boy Meets World" DVD collection for a birthday present.

New iPhone

 I was due for an upgrade and indulged in an iPhone 5C. 

Renaissance Faire

 I am IN LOVE with terrariums! (and check out that succulent pail!)

 I was nervous about the crazy pick hammer...

 The Joust!

 Home brewed root beer in an awesome bottle. SO GOOD.

 An adorable performance on how to duel with swords. this was mostly for kids, but I still enjoyed it!

 I do love kettle corn.

I indulged myself and bought this terrarium from the Renaissance faire. It's doing marvelously and has sprouted flowers since this picture!

General Conference Weekend
 Great seats! Thanks, mom and dad!

Homecoming Weekend
 We didn't do the homecoming parade this time around (Ryan was WAY sick), but I still made blue pancakes. Yum!

 A delicious stuffed bell pepper dinner during Homecoming weekend.

 We went for a canyon drive one sunday and I was able to snap some quick pics on my big camera. This is from my iPhone and I have yet to upload/edit the big camera stuff...

Corn Maze/Halloween Party

 This is an action shot of a pig race in action. See them running in the upper left side of the picture? So cute!

 A hay-bale painted like an owl I spotted on the hayride we took at the corn maze.

 We decided to buy tiny pumpkins we found at the pumpkin patch by the corn maze.

 A blurry magician at the ward Halloween party that night. He was REALLY GOOD.

 Carving pumpkins at the ward party!

 What delicious guts they have! I love a good roasted pumpkin seed!

 I dressed up as Wednesday Addams. I already had the skirt, tights, white shirt (thanks, Bob Evans!), dark hair, and shoes. I just needed a black sweater and a creepy doll to complete the ensemble. After a quick jaunt to Deseret Industries, I had what I needed for $10 and went on my merry way. By the way, I felt terrible for partially decapitating that bunny doll. It was so cute! I dressed up primarily for my students (whom I taught that afternoon) and they got a kick out of it.

 Papa Murphy's Jack-o-Lantern pizza for dinner that night before we went to see Ender's Game at 8pm!

Our jack-o-lantern in action! We wanted to do an Asian-influenced face and it turned out looking very Animé-esque. And furious.

So that's pretty much it! This is a good picture summary of what we've been up to the last month or so. I've also been busy with work (both editing videos and being a TA for the Intro to Film class at BYU), homework and my classes, watching Gilmore Girls when I need to grade papers, and neglecting to clean my apartment.

Soon, I would love to blog and reminisce about my experiences at BYU since I'll be graduating in approximately a little over a month (eek!) and will be a GRADUATE!

Well, that's all for now! I will now spend the remainder of my evening listening to Christmas music and playing Pokémon X.