Friday, September 6, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 27

Today's challenge was "Celebration" and though there were lots of things to celebrate (my brother-in-law's mission call to Mexico, the fact that it was Friday) my photos aren't very celebratory. We went to a church opening social BBQ type of thing and it was incredibly underwhelming. So here are the pictures I took. Don't get excited.


Basically there were a LOT of people I don't know (and didn't bother getting to know because this event would probably be the first and last time I'd be interacting with them) and the food was mediocre, and the flavor of ice cream we wanted ran out so we left early to eat said flavor of ice cream at Ryan's parents' house and ended up watching Star Trek: Into Darkness with them. And for those who are curious, the flavor is BYU Creamery's Graham Canyon. SO DELICIOUS!

So the evening wasn't terrible, but my pictures definitely were and that social was less-than-great. Sorry. But I hope that tomorrow's challenge, Flowers, can be more satisfactory to what I want.

But to be fair, what kind of challenge theme is celebration?! What if I didn't have anything to celebrate? Would I have to go out and seek a celebration and awkwardly take pictures of it? Anyways, today is a lame day and a lame challenge. I look forward to tomorrow.

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