Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 25

Alright, so I kinda made up for my lack of actual big camera photos of an animal by taking pictures of strangers AND ducks at the same time! I managed to get 20 minutes this evening to walk to the duck pond with Ryan and snag these pictures before the light was completely gone. They aren't my best work, but from here on out until the end of the challenge, this is going to be me. School is just a little too crazy right now to manage anything nicer.


Okay, so the strangers bit of this challenge was a bit half-hearted and lame. But there weren't a lot of people around that were stationary enough to ask for pictures (meaning that they were walking and headed somewhere else), so this was the best I could do. And they were very nice to let me get the pictures I did of them. Maybe someday I can do a nicer picture of a stranger, but for now this is the best I can do.

But can we talk for a minute about these DUCKS?! They were swarming us, not unlike the deer in Japan! That picture of Ryan with the duck right next to him was the norm, and if you imitated having a piece of bread in your hand (like Ryan did in a picture up there) they would hop for the bread, like a dog! Oh man, I was laughing so hard and the couple in the pictures had a whole loaf of bread and they were thoroughly enjoying the experience of having dozens of ducks around them. It was a fun little break in my busy day.

So that's it for now. I hope I can manage to get some good photos tomorrow. But it's another really busy day. I think this is gonna be my life from now on. Tomorrow I'm teaching my first "Intro to Film" lab and I'm busy worrying about that. So wish me luck!


Steve said...

No, seriously, I want you to catch a duck for me.

Kirsti said...

With these ducks, I might ACTUALLY manage to catch you one, Steven!