Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 24

Today was the first day of school.

So because of that little fact, I hope you all can be a *little* sympathetic.

Because I didn't take any pictures with my big camera.

*massive cringe moment*

Lemme tell you about my day.

I woke up at the usual 6:10am and started doing my usual routine of getting ready, eating breakfast, making lunches for both Ryan and myself, and getting out the door for my 8am indoor cycling class. We only looked at the syllabus and so I was home by 8:30am to see Ryan head to his 9am religion class. I then got ready for my ACTUAL school day, prepped the crockpot meal for dinner, and headed out the door to walk to my appointment with a career counselor (which was at 10am). I finished that by 10:20 and then proceeded to work at my editing job until 12:30pm. I then ate my lunch and rushed off to the Varsity movie theatre on campus for "Intro to Film", the class I'm a TA for. That was a 2 hour class followed by a quick 10 minute meeting with the professor and the other TAs. I walked home at that time (3:10pm) and was in the apartment by 3:30pm. I got the crockpot food ready to eat and Ryan and I ate dinner at 3:45pm. Yep. Dinner at 3:45. Because I had a 5pm class that was going to go until 9pm. So I needed to eat my main dinner early and bring snacks to keep me held over.

And so you see? I had no time to take out my big camera and do a long, lengthy thought-about photo session with animals. Today's challenge. Really, challenge?! Animals?!! So on my way home from my TA class, I snapped some quick photos of ducks by the duck pond near where I walk to school with my iPhone 4S. And that's ALL I had time for. Tuesdays won't normally be this busy since I won't always be working in the mornings. But today was certainly busy.

I'm so ashamed to post these pictures, but here they are. I may make it up to you (and myself) and take better duck pictures when I take pictures of strangers. Eeeep.

I love that NO MATTER what time of year it is, there are always ducks on campus. Always. They'll sit on the frozen pond as if nothing were wrong and they'll endure the worst of the snow and rain. It's a lot of fun (especially since I'm a closet duck fanatic). This was a nice little break in my somewhat crazy day.

So I'm taking the rest of this evening to relax, watch some "Gilmore Girls" and forget about the ever-mounting pile of homework that is starting to loom over me.

I promise I'll have better photos tomorrow. Though I'm VERY nervous about taking pictures of some strangers.

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Steve said...

I want one. Will you catch one for me?