Monday, September 2, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 23


That is the challenge of the day. And the following patterns that I'll be showing you are patterns on the clothes Ryan and I got today during Labor Day sales. Check them out!

 (New shirt for Ryan)

 (One of my new shirts)

(another new sweater for me...I love stripes...)

(New shirt for Ryan)

(This shirt isn't actually new but I recently replaced a button that fell off and so it's new in that sense! And the edges of this button-up shirt have this gorgeous flower print and I love it and had to take a picture of it)

Anyways, I got some more stuff than this but not all of them had patterns AKA stripes. I basically only buy striped things. I'd buy more polkadot stuff but they're not in season, I guess. Ryan wasn't going to buy new clothes but his mom was going to buy him new jeans and he prefers to try them on and so he went with her and ended up getting jeans AND shirts! Hooray!

Tomorrow is the first day of school. This will be my last first day of school of my undergraduate degree, which feels really weird. And my first class of the day is a fitness class so I'll be heading out the door in fitness clothing...then I'll change into something more cute and "first-day"-esque. Today has been a pretty basic day-off for Ryan and me: slow morning and waffles for breakfast, random errands and episodes of "Scrubs" here and there, and delicious homemade burgers and fries for dinner followed by my new favorite activity: card games. And now I'm blogging while a rare storm steadily rages on in the background. Our windows are open and the smell of wet asphalt wafts around our apartment and it's starting to feel like autumn even if the days still get up into the 90s.

I'm sad to see summer go. It was a fantastic summer: my sister got married, went to China/Japan, Lake Powell, Arizona family reunion, St. George anniversary trip, Seven Peaks outings, and random day trips to different places nearby. And plenty of staying up late, sleeping in on weekends, and eating delicious food. Yep, it was a good summer. But I hate to see it go. It's a bittersweet parting because I love love LOVE autumn so much. So goodbye summer for now. And please come swiftly, autumn! This heat is unbearable!

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