Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 22

Phew, today's challenge was like pulling teeth. After having such great results lately with the challenge, I was disappointed that today's wasn't going to be this mind-blowing photography session. So with a few hours left in the day, I quickly hopped in my car and took pictures of the most inspirational thing I could think of. I mean, what kind of challenge is "inspirational"? How vague is that?! Taking pictures in the dark also meant I could practice my night-photography, a very tricky thing to master.

Ultimately, the results were lack-luster but I didn't have the energy or motivation to try harder than what I was doing in the first place. So here are my "inspirational" photos.


These pictures definitely don't do justice to just how gorgeous the Provo Temple is at night. I have had some of my best moments in this temple and I always enjoy going. I remember this one time I went on a ward temple trip when Ryan and I were engaged and I wasn't super eager to go because that day I had an interview with Cracker Barrel and had found out that if I were hired (which they wanted to hire me) I would have to work Sundays. Sundays are a day I prefer not to work in general but I was desperate for a regular job because I needed money to pay for my wedding and to provide for our soon-to-be small family unit. And this was the first job offer I had received in months meaning it was hard to turn it down.

So I went to the temple in a huff and spent a long time there because there were a lot of people waiting to do temple work that night. And they were a fantastic 3 hours despite the long wait. I sat there alone (no other un-endowed people were there for the temple night and Ryan was doing work elsewhere) and was able to really ponder my priorities and realized that my Heavenly Father would provide a way, even if it felt hopeless. I eventually turned down the job officially and went on to work a few glorious months at Menchie's (I miss that place...).

I don't always go to the temple when I need to get some inspiration, but even when I'm not looking for anything specific I still find myself realizing things about myself and my life that has helped me in the long run. I love the temple. Heck, I love all the temples and I'm grateful that I have one 5 minutes away.

So there's my inspirational post as well as a small testimony on temple work and the blessing received from doing it. Hope you all had a great Sunday!

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