Saturday, September 21, 2013

2 Year Anniversary Pics and the Failed Challenge

Hey everyone! I'm back.

And I'm doing the metaphorical "walk of shame" right now because as you may or may not have noticed...I failed the challenge. I made it to Day 29 and just gave up.

Why would someone give up with just ONE DAY LEFT?!

I guess I felt the pressure of performing my best and having absolutely no time to take a truly magnificent self-portrait that I crumpled under the pressure and just didn't do it. I distinctly remember that day and stating loudly to myself and Ryan (who was somewhat of a motivator throughout this challenge) that I wasn't going to do it because I didn't want to. And who in the world was going to come to my apartment and penalize me for failing to do the last day? So it just wasn't worth it to me.

But I still feel terrible. After all that and just not finishing. Maybe one day I'll finish the last day and do a really great self-portrait.

But today is not this day. (tee hee! I'm a nerd...can you name the movie I just quoted?)

Today is the day I post the short little photo session my sis-in-law, Stephanie, did for mine and Ryan's 2-year anniversary down at the Utah County Fair.

And lemme tell you, that fair was icky. Not as cute and glamorous as the Utah State Fair  that I went to not too long ago with my friend, Tamara. But Stephanie did a FANTASTIC job editing the photos and framing them in such a way that the fair looks absolutely charming and almost makes me want to go again next year (yeeeaah, probably not unless I get to hold another cute bunny or something like that).

So here they are! I'm excited to get them printed and arranged on one of my apartment walls.

 (just a side note: doesn't Ryan's hand around my waist look a little disembodied? Ha!)

 (This is one of my favorite candid pictures. It's my laptop desktop picture!)

 (Yeah, we're a pair of hotties, huh?)

 (Gosh, that sunset! Thank you, Utah fires, for diffusing the light in such a beautiful way!)

(And, of course, the hipster pose with "straight" faces.)

So that's it! I am so happy with how they turned out! When we arrived at the fair, I was horrified that my dreams for a gorgeous fair photo shoot were not going to come true. But we snapped some quick photos and I hoped that Stephanie would be able to perform a miracle. And she did just that. I'm in love.

Happy two years of marriage to me! okay, so it's actually two years and two months right now, but whatevs...


Ellaniemae said...

I love that in that one picture your eyes match the green of your top... Stephanie did an amazing job!

Beckie said...

these look great, and it is now official. I'm super jealous of your hair. It's long, thick, and holds curl like a dream. You look gaw-geous.

Sarah Lambson said...

Lord of the Rings the Return of the King. Aragorn. Boom.

Also, I agree with Beckie. You look fantastic! So grown up! (I know you are a grown up, but your hair makes you look so mature in a fantastic way). I am so jealous of these photos.

Miss you, kid. I'll hopefully talk to you soon!

Peeser said...

I'm with Beckie and Sarah in that your hair is amazing and makes you look so mature and so much like a grown woman. And it's a bit surreal for me, I'm not gonna lie. But I'm still loving the photo shoot and how sweet you and Ryan are together.

And now, to push up my nerd glasses, you didn't actually quote "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" movie- Aragorn never actually says those words in the same sentence together. He says, "But it is not this day..." a couple of times, but never says "But today is not this day." Thus, you are not quoting the movie, you are simply referencing it.

:) (Who honestly cares, though- any LOTR reference/quote, whether direct or indirect or whatever, is ALWAYS a win! Nicely done.)