Monday, August 12, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 2

I've had a BAD case of the Mondays today. I don't normally have bad Mondays (surprising, huh?). But today starting at around 2pm this afternoon I just started feeling worn out, crummy, and just quite frankly exhausted. It could have something to do with the workout I did at 5:30 this morning (but I love my morning workouts!) or my not-so-great lunch today, or maybe just the work I had to do at my job.

I didn't make dinner tonight. To some of you, that's probably not a big deal. But I always make dinner, and when I don't, I have an easy alternative ready to go, or Ryan is prepared to make something easy. But today, I got home late, ate a cinnamon roll I made this weekend, turned on some "Scrubs" and just didn't make dinner. And Ryan was cool with it. Which I really appreciated, because I feel terrible when I don't make dinner. And we just finished eating leftover hot dogs and Lays Chicken and Waffles chips. As it turns out, I'm not terribly hungry in the first place. Anyways, now I'm just rambling.

For this picture, I didn't put much effort into it. For one, the tripod I have isn't tall enough to get a "What I Wore" picture, so I had Ryan take the picture for me after fixing the settings to how I wanted them. But even with my chosen settings and the gorgeous sunlight, the pictures didn't come out the way I wanted. I know I should put more effort into this challenge, especially since I'm JUST STARTING it. But today I just wasn't feeling it.

And I'm terrible at taking full-body selfies. I'm still working out that whole "candid pose" look. But here it is, no photoshop, no crazy filters. Just me. And what I wore.

Camera: good ol' Panasonic GH2
Lens: Lumix G Vario 14-140mm zoom lens
ISO 320, 32mm, f/5, 1/320

 This is a typical outfit I wear to both my jobs: being a custodian in the morning, I need to wear something that is comfortable and casual enough that if it got messy, it wouldn't be the end of the world. But because I work the afternoons at the Administration building where the president of the school works as an editor, I try and look a little nicer just in case. But jeans and a T-shirt/blouse is how I go every day. Believe me, I wish I could be one of those cute girls that goes to work wearing skirts and bracelets and necklaces, but alas, it can't be. I thought about lying and putting on something cute for this challenge, but then I knew I'd be lying. And I want to be as honest to myself as well as to my photography. So though I may dabble in doing some quick edits in photoshop, I won't be doing anything drastic.

I took a picture of my shoes because they are always my favorite thing about my outfit: the grey and white contrast so nicely and I just feel a little more trendy when I wear them instead of regular tennis shoes.

And now for the outtakes:

 Ryan was a good little helper, even if he doesn't look like it. He's been such a GREAT guy tonight, cheering me up and accepting my shortcomings. (And check out that INCREDIBLE sky back there! Oh, if only those storms were coming this way!)

Ryan wanted to show off his foot.

 Getting my settings ready. He's such a natural model. I used my Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens. I need to use this lens more often.

 Another settings picture. Oh, Ryan, you are such a goofball.

 Oh hey there wind, blowing my hair in my face!

 It's not a picture of Kirsten without a goofy look.

Phew, today is almost over. Time to veg out in front of "Get Out Alive" (the Bear Grylls reality show) and "Siberia". See ya tomorrow!

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Ellaniemae said...

This sentence (But because I work the afternoons at the Administration building where the president of the school works as an editor) made me laugh. The president of the school also works as an editor? Must be because of budget cutbacks like in every other job, right?