Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 7

Today has been a pretty fantastic day so far, not gonna lie. Every Saturday, I make a delicious breakfast  (like my dad did when I was a kid) and today was pancakes. After a quick grocery run to Smith's, our local Kroger-brand store, we prepped ourselves for a few hours of fun at Seven Peaks! It was perfect weather: 90s, sunny, and breezy. We left three hours later at around 2pm right as the clouds rolled in and a storm came blowing in. And now we've been spending our afternoon listening to the sounds of thunder, the pitter patter of rain and our windows wide open to feel the cool breeze come in and smell the waterlogged pavement.

And tonight will be full of relaxing and who knows what! I love weekends. There are only so many before school starts. Which takes me to today's photos: Changes to Come.

Lens: Lumix 20mm f/1.7
ISO 1250, f/1/7, 1/60
 (Laptop bag made by my lovely sister, Emily)

I decided to photograph school-esque items and my accumulation of film textbooks to show the upcoming semester. This semester is going to be pretty great, if I do say so myself. I'm taking a tennis class, an indoor cycling class, a couple of film classes and a music class (that my good friend, Tamara, is also taking!). I'm also going to be a TA for the Intro to Film class with my very own group of students which I'll teach every Thursday afternoon and grade their papers. I'm strangely excited for this opportunity to see how I like teaching because it could determine my future and whether or not I decide to do grad school and for what.

All the month of August is a bittersweet time where I'm sad to see summer come to an end and have butterflies in my stomach at the thought of autumn coming into town. Next weekend Ryan and I are planning on going on a quick camping trip to get all of my summertime needs out of the way: eat s'mores, spend time by a campfire, and sleeping under the stars. After camping, I should be good to go and ready for autumn all the way!

Thanks for reading! I know to some of you, this challenge is probably incredibly boring, but I'm having fun and it's great to be exploring my aesthetic as a photographer and expand my abilities. Only 23 days to go!

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Ellaniemae said...

I am impressed with your efforts! I think I might have done a day or two, three tops, then I might have fizzled out already. Can't wait for the next few days. Hopefully you won't be too overwhelmed when school starts back again. Good luck!