Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 21

I really like the idea of today's challenge: the faceless self-portrait. It made me think outside the box and and consider how I would take a self-portrait without portraying my face. I had to think about my actions more than my facial expression. If you haven't had the chance to do a faceless self-portrait, I would recommend you do it!

Here is my first execution for a faceless self-portrait.

Faceless Self-Portrait

 I am most comfortable in nature (besides my own apartment). I thrive in the beauty that God as created for us and I especially enjoy walks with my handsome hubby. So I felt that taking a self-portrait of sorts here was a pretty accurate depiction of who I am: a nature freak. I also really love this path. You may recognize it from my wedding photos. It's one of my favorite parts of BYU campus and when I walk home from work I'll frequently take this way just because it's so nice and shady.

So there is this picture. I'm very pleased how it turned out and wish I could've taken more but it started raining and we obviously needed to get out of it.

All while I was doing the first photo session above I kept returning to the fact that the best faceless self-portrait would be one where I was behind a camera; whether it be filming or photographing, I am almost always behind a camera and love it. But at the time before I took the first pictures, it felt like a cop-out doing one of those "picture of me taking a picture" things, especially since I've done photos like that already and it wasn't branching out.

Now that I had the first picture, though, I decided to snap a few of my true "faceless self-portrait" picture because THIS is really who I am and who I want to be (though I do love the first picture A LOT). So here is my second execution of the "faceless self-portrait".

It's weird, but I absolutely LOVE my bathroom lighting. I think I've said this before but the corner where the toilet sits is the best pocket of light ever. And it's just white walls, so with my dark hair there is automatic contrast. And I can do so much with the white walls with the light.

Today is the first day that I actually notice a difference between my photography at the beginning of the challenge and right now. I don't feel much different, but the photos are coming out much better than I could've anticipated. I am exceeding my expectations and it feels GREAT. And I know that I can only improve from here. Especially if I just pull out my camera once a day.

Someday soon, I'll post some photos of our fake camping trip. It was a BIG success and I want to share it with you all. But I've got a busy evening and will have to make you all wait.

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