Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 19

So today's challenge is "Something I Want", another difficult abstract thing to photograph. I could drive down to H&M and take a picture of all the clothes I want, but I wanted to go deeper than the surface level of something I want.

Luckily, I had a package that I needed to mail, and the nearest UPS drop-off was a couple of blocks south of where I live. So I dragged Ryan with me and we took a quick walk while I photographed different components of houses/neighborhoods I want in our future "forever" home. That was what I decided to focus on for the "something I want" challenge. And here are the results.

Something You Want
I want a white picket fence with a green lawn.

I want ivy growing on the side of the house, dark and thick and luscious.

 I want long sidewalks with tall trees with plenty of shade (thankfully I do have this right now after a short little walk down to center street in Provo).

 I want cute, old-fashioned, interesting architecture.

 Hammocks in the sunlight, but with plenty of shade too.

I want cute colors and large porches.

And I want a garden. A large one.

That about sums up what I want. I didn't find a good picture of a balcony and a house with as large of windows as I want, but those two are also important things. Lots of light and places to sit outside. Oh, and a wrap-around porch. 

I have a lot of things that I want for my future house. But mostly, I want to be happy and I know that wherever I end up living I'll love it. Heck, I love my apartment right now, flaws and all. Sure, I want to paint the walls, hang some pictures, buy new furniture, add more plants and whatnot, but I'm okay without those things.

Anyways, I wish I had more to write but my brain is pretty fried after my long work-days staring at a computer screen. Tomorrow is my last day at my morning job and our last day working full-time until Christmas break. And we're going camping. So I probably won't have time to blog tomorrow. I'll do a double post on Saturday to make up for it (hopefully). 

See ya Saturday!

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Emily S. said...

Amen, sista! I want all that, too! :) :) and I love that it's south of campus that is refining your ideas... because it did that for me, too, eons ago.

I love the pix! and don't be a dolt-- of COURSE you have thing you could teach me, about lighting, or probably about lots of other things. Just because I'm 13 years older, doesn't make me that much wiser. haha! Love you!!!