Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 17

Today has been much better, in case you were wondering. I've been in a better mood overall and it was just pouring rain/storming not too long ago and I made a delicious meal for dinner without any complaint! It was definitely a good day. And now I get to show off my pictures for today's challenge: technology.

Basically, what you are about to see are the three gadgets that travel with me from home to work and back home again and in my purse when I go out to shop or visit people. So here they are!


Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens
(various ISOs, aperture and shutter speeds)

So this is my little pile that is almost always near me when I'm going throughout the apartment. Right now in these pictures, the pile is sitting on my new nightstand that Ryan and I found along the side of the road. But that's another story for a different day...

 My cellphone (iPhone 4S currently). The phone case came from Etsy and is supposed to be dandelions, not a fancy shattered screen look.

This is my (previously Ryan's) Nintendo 3DS. It has been featured a couple of times on this blog and at least 1-2 times during this challenge. I am sorta addicted to a came on it right now and so I keep it close. Plus, it doubles as a pedometer! Awesome!

On the screen is the game I'm addicted to (Animal Crossing: New Leaf). That's a room in my house that I've filled with many many instruments (including a harpsichord!). Anyways, I love this game...

 And here's my kindle inside its fancy-schmancy kindle case (that rectangular piece at the top of the kindle is a flip-out nightlight that is powered by the kindle through the case. Pretty nifty!). The current book I'm reading is "Alloy of Law" by Brandon Sanderson. It's sort of a follow-up to the Mistborn trilogy that I read earlier this summer.

 And here is the pile of technology sitting next to the pile of books I'm reading or will soon be reading. And some pictures of me and family members in the background. And my mildly distressed nightstand. Is it weird that I'm super excited to FINALLY have a nightstand?

And just for bonus material, here's Ryan with one of his favorite pieces of technology: his iPad mini with a Legend of Zelda Hyrule Royal Crest decal on the back (we love nerdy things in this household). A lot of the time when we're relaxing, this is how I'll see Ryan when I go to look at him.


Ellaniemae said...

Love that new nightstand! It is sooo cute!

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

great nightstand. Thanks for the photo