Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thirty Day Photography Challenge: Day 12

I was really excited to take pictures of a gorgeous Utah sunset today. Some of them can be quite splendid, so I was really looking forward to the opportunity to taking some artsy fartsy pictures of the sun slowly setting behind the western mountain front.

But then there were rain clouds.

And the best I could get of the sunset was this.


Do you see those ominous storm clouds?!

So then while I was there (with my visiting teacher, Jordan, who so graciously drove me up to Rock Canyon trailhead since Ryan had our car to do laundry), we saw the most spectacular lightning and I decided to take advantage of my location and take some pictures of the lightning.

An hour and 500 pictures later, with 497 of those pictures misses, I got some pretty decent shots. Check them out!

This was my first capture. See the lightning bolt in the distance? I forgot to bring the ISO down so that the contrast would be greater. So I kept going.

This was my next capture. But it still wasn't good enough. At this point, I was doing a high shutter speed on continuous picture-taking in hopes that I'd get something. After 490 pictures and very little success, I thought that I ought to try long exposure. Except that I didn't have a tripod.

But it was very much successful.

 First capture without a tripod (15" exposure time). The lightning is SUPER clear, of course, but everything else is blurry. Kinda looks neat, huh?

But this shot is the MONEY SHOT. Jordan brought her car down to where I was (we parked it up higher and came down for a clearer shot) and I set the camera on that. And that's how I got the super clear awesome lightning picture (I still probably ought to have had a lower ISO since the lightning is a little blown out).

Pretty sweet, huh?! I could do without the power lines, but what are ya gonna do?

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy/stormy too, so maybe I'll get a better spot and take some nicer pictures...

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Ellaniemae said...

I call these "pictures of a lifetime." I could wait my whole lifetime and NOT take pictures as good as these...

Sarah Lambson said...

You got pictures of LIGHTNING?? GAH!!! That's one of my goals in life. And you've just achieved it. Those pics are fantastic. I am super jealous. PLUS MO hasn't had a good storm in a while.

Oh well, someday!